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A continuation of the discussion of the signs of hypothyroidism

What you need to know about Hypothyroid Symptoms. Physical Signs of Hypothyroidism:  What a doctor or YOU can see or feel on your body:   Low Pulse and Low Blood pressure Basal Body Temperature below 98 (your oral temperature taken[...]

Hypothyroidism is the Overlooked Diagnosis

Discussing the 13 signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism. Recently a long-term patient who has taken testosterone and estradiol pellets for over a decade, insisted that her PCP take care of her thyroid medicine, blamed me and her estradiol and testosterone[...]

BioBalance Health’s Anti-Aging Pyramid

As we age our body begins to deteriorate and we become more fragile and more susceptible to illness and death. For the last several weeks, we have been discussing the various systems of the body which, as we age, begin[...]