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The Aging Female Face and How to Reverse the Process

One you understand the aging process of the face, you can take steps along the way to help reverse the process. Aging of the face is inevitable due to sun damage, environmental toxins, gravity, and loss of youthful hormones.  Just[...]

What Peptide Treatments Will You Need as You Age?

What are the different Peptide treatments associated with aging? We have been talking about peptides, the “pieces of proteins” that are the local communicators in our body that disappear with illness and age.  We have been talking about these peptides[...]

Anti-Aging Treatments for the Face

What is it about the face that causes us to look old or young? This week we have a guest with us, she is Ms Dana Whalen a Licensed Esthetic Nurse at our Medical Spa, BioBalance Skin. Dana is with[...]