Female Bioidentical Hormone Patient Testimonials

Bioidentical Hormone Testimonials

If you have been a BioBalance Health bioidentical hormone pellet therapy patient for at least four months, please share your testimony. Click here for information.

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Rita Stretch, age 56

“As an OB nurse and mother, I spent 30 years watching and experiencing how hormones affect women with childbearing. Then menopause hit — nothing had prepared me for how this would completely change my life and my relationships with my husband and family. There was a constant anger churning inside me. While I focused it upon a close family member who was causing a great deal of turmoil in our lives, it spread into my relationship with my husband. I could not deal with stress and was destroying family ties. I was having night sweats, hot flashes, inability to sleep, decreased energy – all the normal signs but this anger was uncontrollable. Along with that, add a complete loss of the ability to concentrate, remember and organize. Fortunately, I had retired from nursing to pursue a career in my home. I know that if I had remained in nursing, my patients would have been at risk. However, the career I am now in also requires a great deal of detail work and organization. I found myself going over the same details every day just to make sure I was not forgetting something. It was not only time consuming but frightening — I was beginning to wonder if I was at risk for Alzheimer’s. Depression was overwhelming me — I was terrified of the future. Alzheimer’s is in our family.

Then….a friend told me about BioBalance and she said the magic words – “Dr. Tutera introduced this therapy to Dr. Maupin and trained her in it.” Now, Dr. Tutera delivered both of our sons during his years in OB practice while in K.C. Trust me, OB nurses have only the best doctors as their own! I would have been extremely skeptical but knowing Dr. Tutera, his skill, brilliance, knowledge and research in medicine, took away my fears. I had faith this would be the most natural and effective treatment I could hope for.

I went into Dr. Maupin’s office in tears, rambling, trying to tell her my story in a most disorganized fashion. She was so compassionate, helping me understand my lab work and was genuinely concerned about my health as a whole, something I have seen lost over the last 25 years in both doctors and nurses! My lab work was horrific – I could not believe I was still functioning and semi-sane! The oral estrogen I was on had only compounded my hormonal imbalance. I tried to take notes but was so disorganized I could not. She respected my need to know the medical side and was extremely patient with my struggling to understand things which used to come instantly, but no longer did. As I left, she hugged me but the mental hug she had surrounded me with all during our consultation was one of the most comforting experiences, I have ever had. The four hour drive home was serene, I knew I was going to be better and have a life with my husband!

Within two weeks, I was a new woman — or should I say, I was the woman I used to be. Actually, my husband says I am even better! The anger is controlled. I no longer hate the person whom it was directed toward even though he has not changed. I can deal with what happens in my life even when it is not what I want or have dreamed it would be. When Susie [Ahrens, RN] called with the results of my six week labs, I took notes and comprehended everything as quickly as in my days of nursing — I was back! I was amazed that labs could correct themselves so quickly and even more amazed at how much hormones actually do affect everything about us!

As nurses, we are paranoid about side effects. So I recorded every tiny possible side effect each week. All was completely normal except for minor ankle swelling (for a few weeks after insertion) and acne. The swelling stopped entirely after 3 insertions. The nurses quickly gave me a prescription for the acne which is gone as well.

Working 12 hour nights for 30 years, takes its toll on your body. Mine was no exception. Dr. Maupin and her staff are committed to understanding and treating, not just menopause but your entire body as a whole. While she does not treat or override other medical doctors you may have, she is keenly aware of how hormones affect all aspects of our body. She saw my thyroid was low and prescribed medication to correct it. The thyroid is so important, regulating hormones which affect everything about your body from blood pressure to mental stability. I had struggled for years with an auto immune issue that is now completely resolved, my osteopenia is markedly improved and I am expecting it to be entirely gone with my next bone scan.

Due to my emotional stress level, metabolism and the physical effects that life has given my body, finding just the right combination of pellets was an issue. I was the exception to every rule. Dr. Maupin and Susie did not stop until the issue was resolved. Susie went far and above any nurse I have ever known with her reassurance, understanding, patience and commitment to see me through.

Before pellet therapy, I had started thinking of myself as “old,” constantly referring and blaming my actions on being “old.” I felt as if my life was over. Now, I am 56 years young! I do not feel or think of myself as anything but young with years ahead to enjoy with my husband. Our relationship is more precious and enjoyable emotionally, spiritually and physically than at any other time in our marriage. Life around us has not changed but my hormones have. With that, my capacity to handle stress (both physical and mental), my physical health and my love for my husband have all reached heights I never dreamed possible. I thank God daily for this wonderful change in my life!

I have never had the desire to return to nursing but can honestly say that if I did, it would only be to work with women going through that dark tunnel of menopause. You do not have to go through that dark tunnel – there is a much brighter and beautiful path in which to travel!”

Julia Hannel, age 59

“I feel young again, I dropped 4 sizes. And my arthritis went away. I have my body back!! I enjoy life again, and I was mistaken for being my own daughter. Nobody believes I will be 60 in June.”

Debbie Medvick, age 56

Debbie Medvick bioidentical hormone patient image“I’m a confident, educated woman. I’m a wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother. I workout and enjoy life. When menopause came knocking, I realized I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. But it became more persistent. Mood swings, night sweats, decreased libido, and the feeling of needing to “crawl out of my skin” began to consume me. I decided not to give in but was losing my will to fight.

I came upon Dr. Maupin and bioidentical hormones in an article and decided this might be the best treatment for me. One year later, I KNOW this is the treatment for me. And my libido? Let’s just say my husband is pleased and is now a client himself! we are told that menopause is a “normal” phase of life. Well I choose not to be “normal.” I will continue to embrace my new friend – bioidentical hormones – and I thank Dr. Maupin for introducing us!”

Cathy Carney, age 54

“I had tried the bioidentical creams after eight years from having a hysterectomy and nine years after having had breast cancer. However, my oncologist was not supportive of having the progesterone cream. After a year of dealing with the creams, I was introduced to Dr. Maupin through a family friend. What a difference the pellet has made! Not having to mess with the creams two times a day was wonderful! Mood swings leveled out, mental clarity returned and FINALLY a libido! The final benefit, the inches around the stomach melted away! Menopause doesn’t have to be horrible! The pellet brought sanity back into my life!”

D. J., age 60

“Hot flashes—ick!! What more needs to be said! But now they’re all gone. However, there are other wonderful benefits. I’ve lost 25 pounds and have maintained my weight loss with little effort and my sex drive is back like I’m in my 20′s again. My energy level is way up. It feels great to feel great again!”

C.D., age 39

“When I was in my twenties I was having a lot of libido problems, a bonafide issue for a newly married young woman. The problem was a complete lack of any libido at all. I saw a specialist in my early twenties, who gave me monthly injections of some liquid form of testosterone. This did not truly make a difference, at least none thatI was able to feel. After two years of these $60 injections, I quit seeing this doctor due to lack of results.

A few years later, at the prompting of my husband, I saw a sexual therapist for about five sessions. She indicated to me that there may be an actual physical reason for my lack of libido. I located a specialist in St. Louis. After testing, it was revealed that I had comparatively low testosterone. But, I also had endometriosis, so I underwent surgery for that first. After that, I was given specially compounded pills of 10mg testosterone, two per day. I took these for two more years, still with NO results. So I quit taking them.

After more marriage issues due to lack of libido, I talked to a friend of mine who recommended Dr. Maupin. I went to Dr. Maupin, not expecting any results, but after nearly 15 years of fighting this battle and losing every time, it was worth a try. The testing results came back with .6 level of testosterone, while a normal range is 9-11. I was so surprised to find that I wasn’t even registering at a full 1 or 2, but a level below even that! Dr. Maupin assured me that she could help me. So we started the pellets, and by the second treatment, I was seeing a radical difference!

I couldn’t believe all these years wasted at other doctors who never truly even tried to help. I couldn’t believe that normal women feel this way, it had been so long. My libido is now healthy, functional, and I feel like a new woman. I’m sure that I would be divorced by now if Dr. Maupin and her nurses hadn’t been there to save me. Thank you so much Dr. Maupin, and Sandy & Susie!!!!(my husband thanks you too!)”

B.M., age 57

“Hormone pellets allowed me to get my life back. I am stronger, happier and healthier since starting hormone replacement. My friends and family have noticed the difference
in me. I enjoy my old hobbies again and am enjoying new hobbies and a more active life-style.”

Julie B, age 53

“By the time I came to Dr. Maupin, I was a shell of my former self. After unsatisfactory results with other modes of HRT, I opted for pellets. They changed my life. I felt like I was awakening from a long sleep. I’m 53, and I feel better than I did at 35. Not only do I have my life back, but I am now the person I always wanted to be, and I’m living my best life!”

Judy Leist, age 60

Judy Leist bioidentical hormone patient image“Thank God for pellets! I tried different bioidentical creams for one-and-a-half years and was miserable because my body wouldn’t absorb them. I felt I was losing my memory, gaining weight, depressed for no reason, night sweats, hot flashes, waking up tired, no libido and bone scan just showed Osteopenia. My husband was at his wits end and said I had to get help. Finally Dr. Maupin urged me to try the pellets. OMG. Within two weeks I could tell a difference. I was finally getting my life back. Within a couple months the pellets got rid of all my symptoms. Finally had energy to exercise and realized I wasn’t going crazy. I also noticed it got rid of a few wrinkles in my face. What a bonus that was.

I have been doing the pellets every 4 months for almost 8 years now. Recent bone scan shows only slight bone loss in left hip. Such a significant improvement from bone scan eight years ago. All I can say is “Thank you Dr. Maupin for getting my body back to normal and letting me enjoy life with my family and friends as I continue to age.”

Lynne Beldner, age 66

“In 1997 I had a complete hysterectomy from which followed the worst case of menopause. I really thought my life was over. I experienced everything, lack of sleep, hot flashes, mood changes, headaches, vaginal dryness, memory loss, incontinence, weight gain, no energy, joint pain, chest pain, zero sex drive, difficulty concentrating, and depression.

I went to so many doctors who would treat some of the symptoms but they never fully understood how bad things were for me. This was also during the time when hormone therapy was considered bad for you, plus I have a history of breast cancer in my family, so it was always recommended I should not take anything. I continued to be miserable, trying every natural product I could find, to no avail.

Finally in 2003, my hair dresser, Jason, told me about this gynecologist Dr. Kathy Maupin who treated women like me with these natural bioidentical hormone pellets. Well, what did I have to lose, I made an appointment with her and that was the beginning of getting my life back.

I started the therapy and my symptoms began to disappear. I started to feel whole again. My husband was extremely grateful too. I am 66 now and have been on the pellets for ten years. When questioned why I continue on the pellets I am reminded of what Dr. Maupin asked me the first time I met her, “do you want quantity or quality of life?” I am so thrilled I chose quality! Thank you Dr. Maupin!”

Evie Filla, age 52

”I began using BioBalance pellets about four years ago. I vividly remember driving home after my first pellet insertion. It honestly felt like someone flipped a switch… and my life changed from that moment. Things around me were beautiful and I knew that I was not just going to be okay, but that I was going to be great!

During those four years, I have explored and experienced so many wonderful things that I hadn’t imagined were still in my future prior to pellets. I felt old, tired and hopeless in my pre-pellet years—and those feeling were just getting worse. I now weight-lift, ride my bike as often as the weather allows, and crawl around the house with my 11 month old grandson. I have lost 30 pounds and I am in better shape than I have ever been in all of my 52 years. I have grown in my career as Director of Human Resources and in my marriage of 32 years. I have grown in EVERY aspect of me! I am happy! Pellets have given me a life of quality that I had been lacking for many years. Thank you so much! I will never be without them.”

JoAnn Pomatto, age 50

”My life began again after receiving my BioBalance hormones. Dr. Maupin took my photo on my first visit and then three months after receiving my hormones….I look like my younger sister!! It was and still is quite amazing!!

I felt like a nobody and as if I did not matter. I was lost.

The improvements in my life are numerous. I have energy, enjoy exercise, enjoy my family again, enjoy being with my husband of 28 years. He has definitely reaped the benefits of my hormone replacement!! I have lost 40 pounds and have kept them off for a year. I have muscle definition where I have never had before.

My brain is less foggy and I have a much better memory. I no longer feel like a nobody and I am happy again. I am in better shape both physically and mentally than I was in my thirties. I have also been able to wean myself off the anti-depressants I took for over 18 years. I have been off of these for 3 months and I am doing well.

Thanks to Dr. Maupin and her staff for giving me my life back!!”

A.W., age 55

”I had to have a partial hysterectomy when I was 40 years old (prolapsed uterus). I kept my ovaries and so had some hormones for an indefinite period of time. After about seven years I started having three day blinding migraines every month that were so bad I couldn’t sleep. At the same time I started withdrawing from my husband and children in the evenings with depression-like symptoms. I was tired, slow and irritable and forget about intimate. But the headaches interfered with work and it wasn’t until I mentioned them to a coworker and good friend that was already a pellet patient that I found out the headaches were a symptom of menopause. I hadn’t had (and still haven’t had) a single hot flash. Menopause hadn’t crossed my mind…brain tumor, stroke and various other horrible conclusions had, so I was hopeful and went to speak to Dr. Maupin.

Kathy had helped deliver my first child and it was good to see her again. I discussed all my symptoms, got worked up and it was discovered I had very little estrogen or testosterone.

Within weeks of my first injection, I felt reborn and happy for the first time in months. The headaches were gone, I wanted to live again and my husband was thrilled with the renewed attention. I think that was about seven years ago. I have had several adjustments in that time. Susie is my nurse and pellet injector (and knows all my secrets!) and does the best job of making sure I get the right amount at the right time. I don’t know what I would do without her or Dr. Maupin or my pellets, and my husband says we will never find out. We owe it to ourselves and our families to be healthy and that’s what I feel like now…healthy and happy.”

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P.D. from O’Fallon, MO : “I didn’t fully appreciate how much good the pellets were doing me until I recently had to delay my insertion. The old symptoms came flooding back with a vengeance – the constipation, poor sleep, night sweats, dry skin patches, no sex drive. I will never postpone getting my pellets again!”
G.H. from Colorado : “I had headaches on a daily basis. Now the headaches are gone! I now have tons of energy when before I had none and my sex life is better than ever!”
P.T. from O’Fallon, MO : “Before I started getting pellets I was tired all the time. My joints ached, no libido, and my mind seemed not as sharp. Now that I’ve started the pellets, I’m like a new person! I feel great! I have more energy both physically and mentally. My husband is benefiting also!”
W.D. from Florissant, MO : “The pellets made a profound difference in my life…I feel 35 again!”
S.A. from St. Charles, MO : “I feel like a teenager again! And I am building muscle that I had lost years ago.”
S.R. from St. Charles, MO : “WOW! I have so much more energy…a new lease on life!”
T.G. from Kansas City : “My husband said it best. ‘Who is the doctor we nominate for the Nobel Prize?’ Dr. Maupin, I can’t thank you enough for providing this service to women. It has changed my life for the better! When you said, ‘I will feel like I am back in my 20′s”‘ – I had my doubts, but you were right! Thanks for making me feel whole again!!!!
S.R. from St. Charles, MO : “WOW! I have so much more energy…a new lease on life!”