Most of us suffer from iodine deficiency and do not know it. Our food supply does not provide it and governmental regulations require that toxins such as fluoride and bromine and chlorine be added to our food and water.

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Men and Testosterone: What Blood Test Is the Gold Standard?

I have been frustrated for the last ten years by doctors who continually criticize and contradict my method of determining whether a man needs testosterone. This week in the Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism confirmed the way I evaluate testosterone deficiency with the lead article that proved that it is FREE TESTOSTERONE (the testosterone that is active and not bound to a protein) and not Total Testosterone, that determines whether a man is deficient in testosterone, and should be treated.

Most men have been told that if their Total Testosterone is over 400, or 300 or 280 ng/ml, depending on the doctor’s age and training, that he is “FINE”, despite all the symptoms of testosterone deficiency that he displays. I have a few problems with this method:  a) These doctors use a number on a lab sheet and not symptoms to diagnose or withhold treatment from a man who is suffering; b) They do not realize that the total T drops with age but the binding of T increases with every passing year, so the same total T number in a 30 year old and a 60 year does not feel the same!; and c) Free testosterone, is the active form of the hormone and is the only level that parallels a man’s feeling of well-being and health! We now have a large study to prove what we already know in the Anti-Aging Community—that it is Free Testosterone below 129 that indicates a deficiency in men, no matter what the total testosterone is!

Many of my male patients have gone from one doctor to another trying to be treated but because of the old school adherence to a NUMBER on a lab sheet, even though they feel ill they are turned away! I don’t know when they began to teach medical students to read the lab, stop talking to the patients, and to ignore symptoms, but that training is the exact opposite of what I was taught at Mizzou medical school in the 1970s. In fact, my daughter received her medical degree from AT Still School of Osteopathy in Arizona and she was trained to listen to patients and treat their symptoms and only use lab as a baseline, not a wall to assist in blocking patients from necessary treatment!

If you, your spouse or friend have been turned away from other medical offices because your Total Testosterone is too high, then please come to BioBalance Health where we will listen to you and treat you according to your symptoms and your Free Testosterone! Now we have a large, mainstream research study to back our treatment protocol for men.

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