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Robotic Hysterectomy, an Interview with Dr. Gigi Streiff, MD

March 16, 2020
Discussion of the DaVinci Hysterectomy (also known as Robotic Hysterectomy). Dr. Streiff is an expert OBGYN who has been in practice for over 29 years in St. Louis. She has received specialized training in a type of hysterectomy called a[...]

An Interview with BioBalance Health Patient Judge Brian Dunlop

March 9, 2020
BioBalance Health Patient - Judge Brian Dunlop's Journey Back to Being Healthy. Judge Dunlop is a friend of Dr. Maupin and her family. Four years ago, he became a patient of hers. At that time Mr. Dunlop was suffering from[...]

The Dark Side of Statins

March 2, 2020
The Statin Drug - How It Works, And Why It Is Used? Once again, this week we are talking about the statin drug and how it works, why it is used, and the science behind it. Dr. Maupin has always[...]

Thymosin Alpha (TA1) – A New Cancer Treatment

February 24, 2020
Deficient amounts of thymosin after age 60 negatively impact our immune system. TA1 is a very important Peptide (a short piece of a protein) that acts as a communicator to stimulate the production of the WBCs (white blood cells) that[...]

Hysterectomy: What do you need to know?

February 17, 2020
There are three types of hysterectomies, vaginal, laparoscopic, and abdominal. Many factors must be considered to determine the best method. The word hysterectomy means removal of the womb. It means the uterus is taken out. Sometimes the cervix is also[...]

The Aging Female Face and How to Reverse the Process

February 10, 2020
One you understand the aging process of the face, you can take steps along the way to help reverse the process. Aging of the face is inevitable due to sun damage, environmental toxins, gravity, and loss of youthful hormones.  Just[...]

Why do you need supplements when you eat a good diet?

February 3, 2020
Vitamins are tiny chemicals that are building blocks for bones and other tissues. Supplements are vitamins, enzymes and minerals that are generally contained in food, but are not present in large enough amounts to keep your body supplied with the[...]

Dementia: What happens when you lose your mind?

January 27, 2020
There are many reasons for this rise in people who have dementia no one is immune to this risk. Dementia literally means losing your mind in a way that prevents you from taking care of yourself, from doing your job[...]

How is modern medicine treating women?

January 20, 2020
Are female specific health issues give a lower priority than male specific health issues? We recently attended a medical conference focusing on new age medicine. The focus of this conference was learning how to prevent illnesses in the future rather[...]

Length of Life vs. Quality of Life, Which Way Should Medicine go?

January 13, 2020
In general, modern medicine decision making in medicine today is geared to making people live longer. Today we are going to discuss a presentation we heard at the AMMG conference in Tucson last October. The presentation was given by Dr.[...]