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Clinical Treatment for Post-Menopausal Bleeding

September 2, 2019
Postmenopausal bleeding is defined as uterine bleeding after a woman has been menopausal for a year or more. Before menopause women have periods every 21-30 days, or monthly.  Most women can anticipate when they are going to have a period[...]

Sex and Libido in America

August 26, 2019
Why is there is an increase in older Americans getting divorced? This week we look at the question of why more older Americans are getting divorced than ever before, even more frequently than younger Americans? It is an intriguing problem[...]

Filling Your Prescription does not treat the problem, unless you take the Medicine!

August 19, 2019
The importance of taking your medicine exactly as prescribed. There are many obstacles to medical treatment that prevent improvement of a patient's symptoms, but the most common and obvious roadblock is the lack of patient compliance. It seems simplistic, but[...]

New Information about Early Alzheimer’s Detection

August 12, 2019
Doctors are excited to have a new tool that may help them detect and treat Alzheimer's. Doctors have begun to discover a breakthrough in being able to determine if you are one of those people who are likely to develop[...]

Obesity and Early Onset Colorectal Cancer

August 5, 2019
The Many Dangers of Obesity may now Include Colorectal Cancer. Women who have genetic predispositions to develop cancers and are under the age of 50 are more at risk if their BMI is over 24.5. In fact, the risk is[...]

Treatment Choices and Sexuality with Regard to Breast Cancer

July 29, 2019
The different treatments for breast cancer, and their impact on your sexuality This week we are talking about a question written to Dr. Roach and published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, a letter written by a 68 -year old[...]

The Business of Healthcare Depends on the Exploitation of Doctors and Nurses

July 22, 2019
Do you wonder why healthcare costs so much, and where does the money go? According to a recent New York Times article there are now 10 administrators for every doctor working in hospitals in America. The number of administrators has[...]

PMS is Not Just a Cliché

July 15, 2019
New research shows PMS is real and should be taken seriously. For many years, women have been told that PMS was not a real thing. Many women, in particular those who consider themselves to be feminists, were offended by the[...]

Chronic, Severe, Treatment Resistant Depression, What You Need to Know!

July 8, 2019
Dr. Maupin and Brett Discuss Different Treatment Options for Severe Depression. Talk therapy is a standard treatment for depression. Often depression is treated with a type of drug called an SSRI (a serotonin reuptake inhibitor). There are many of these[...]

Hypothyroid Protocols

July 1, 2019
Hypothyroidism, the Symptoms, and Possible Treatment Options. Dr. Maupin’s office, BioBalance Health, is a specialty practice that focuses on the replacement of hormones. As we age, we tend to make fewer and fewer of the critical hormones. We have found[...]