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Don’t Trust Your Lab’s Reference Ranges!

April 18, 2022
Why does BioBalance change some of the normal lab value ranges from what is provided by the lab company? Dr Sullivan and I spend much of our visits with our patients explaining the meaning of each lab test that we[...]

Dementia Is Delayed Or Prevented By Replacing Your Estradiol

April 12, 2022
At menopause blood levels of estradiol (E2) decrease to nearly zero. I have always told women who are menopausal that giving Estrogen to them after menopause lower’s their risk of Alzheimer’s, decreases their insulin resistance and helps decrease belly fat. [...]

Testosterone is protective against Prostate Cancer

April 4, 2022
A new medical study which looked at the benefits of testosterone replacement and prostate cancer. I have been in the Pro-Testosterone after Prostate Cancer Team with Dr. A. Morgentaler ever since I read his book and heard him lecture at[...]

Estrogen Replacement Therapy Update – The Truth

March 28, 2022
BioBalance Health only uses bio-identical estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in pellet form. I answer many questions about Estrogen Replacement Therapy ERT every day.  Many of these questions are based on outdated information that women, and even doctors have not updated[...]

What is a VI Peel? Why does it do more than other peels to make you look younger?

March 21, 2022
The VI Peel has 4 different peels to address the needs of different patients. Call BioBalance Skin at 314-648-5710 to make an appointment There are hundreds of facial skin peels out there that provide one benefit each.  The VI Peel[...]

Why Do I Have to Take Supplements, and Diet and Exercise? I Just Want Hormones!

March 14, 2022
Dr. Maupin discusses her multi-dimensional approach to treating patients and making them healthy again. Biobalance Health began in 2002 as a medical practice that provides the best, most effective delivery system for testosterone replacement for men and both T and[...]

AQUAGOLD® – A New Microinjection Facial Now Available at BioBalance Skin.

March 9, 2022
Dr. Maupin explains the latest advancement in Microinjection Facials - AQUAGOLD® Aquagold® is the newest type of microinjection process that utilizes hundreds of tiny gold needles to inject neurotoxins, filler and PRP right under the skin to stimulate the youthful[...]

Thymosin-Alpha 1 – A Natural Killer of Viruses and Cancer Cells

February 28, 2022
Thymosin Alpha 1 is a piece of a Protein that is Naturally Produced in the Human Body That Improves Your Immune Response To Infection And Cancer. Links to research articles Thymosin-alpha-1-PubMed.pdf Thymosin-Beta-4-heart-repair-PTBI.pdf FDA targets thymosin in compounding concern If you[...]

Genetics behind why some people develop “Long-Haulers” after Covid, and other people to not.

February 21, 2022
New study links genetics to vaccine effectiveness. (Quotes are from the 23 and me Blog. November 2021) Last week we talked about the research 23 and Me has done determining individual responses to the three Covid vaccine, based on the[...]

There is a genetic basis for being high risk for a reaction to vaccines

February 14, 2022
Does your genetics impact potential Covid 19 vaccine reactions? In an article published in November of 2021 by the genetics company, “23 and Me”, new information was revealed that refutes the belief that the risks of getting and or dying[...]