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Obesity in America and Obesity in Europe

October 8, 2018
How does the eating habits in Spain, Italy, and Sicily compare to typical eating habits in America? We spent some weeks in Europe recently. We were in Spain, Italy, and Sicily. We observed that we rarely saw obese natives. The[...]

How Dr. Maupin Treats Thyroid Disease

October 1, 2018
Thyroid function is absolutely necessary to be well and age in a healthy manner. In the face of how mainstream medicine has set the system to NOT diagnose hypothyroidism, I am criticized daily for diagnosing hypothyroidism in my office for[...]

Why Most Doctors Get Thyroid Treatment Wrong

September 24, 2018
Why don’t all doctors take the same approach when diagnosing and treating thyroid issues? #1 Doctors Look at the Wrong Hormone to Determine Thyroid Activity Thyroid replacement is a difficult process primarily because doctors have been trained for decades to[...]

Skinny Fat – Are You Losing Your Mind?

September 17, 2018
Do you fear you will lose your capacity to think quickly, and to remember the facts that have been important to you personally and professionally? One of my greatest fears is that as I age I will lose my capacity[...]

Sarcopenic Obesity: What is it?

September 10, 2018
Your muscle structure will convert to fat unless you do something to enable your body to continue to make new muscle. Dr. Maupin’s office is dedicated to following current research in order to stay on the cutting edge of changes[...]

Testosterone Pellets and the Illnesses of Aging

September 3, 2018
What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take Testosterone Pellets? One question we regularly hear at BioBalance Health is: What diseases can be delayed or avoided if I take Testosterone Pellets?  In discussing this question with our patients,[...]

Women, Testosterone Pellets, and Good Health

August 27, 2018
How can hormone replacement for women positively impact their health? Women are concerned when they think about testosterone pellets and whether or not these pellets will lead to weight gain for them. They think this because they have heard somewhere[...]

Testosterone Replacement After Having Prostate Cancer

August 21, 2018
If a man obtains testosterone replacement therapy, does it increase their likelihood to develop Prostate Cancer? For many years doctors were trained and believed that if a man obtained testosterone replacement therapy, it would lead to an increase in the[...]

More FAQ’s from women about hormone replacement

August 13, 2018
Dr. Maupin and Brett discuss questions and concerns from women considering hormone replacement. Our discussion this week covers some of the specific questions people ask when they begin to consider whether or not they are candidates for hormone replacement therapy.[...]

Erectile Dysfunction and Testosterone Replacement

August 6, 2018
Questions men have about testosterone replacement, new findings regarding ED (Erectile Dysfunction), and treatment options. The first thing we discuss in this week’s Healthcast are the new findings regarding ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in men. We are learning more about what[...]