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Three Out of Four Women Don’t get Treatment for Menopause from Their Doctor

December 10, 2018
Menopause is an inevitability to all women, yet the doctors who should be their advocate, their OBGYN physicians get less than a total of 3 hours of training in treating the hormonal changes that every woman will experience. Symptoms of[...]

What can, or should we do to control drug prices?

December 3, 2018
Always ask your pharmacist how much your medicine will cost if you pay cash. Drug prices seem to be like the weather. Everyone complains about them but no one does anything about them. This a very complicated multilayered problem for[...]

The Highs and Lows of Testosterone

November 26, 2018
Bio-Identical pellets are by and far the best method for delivering the hormones to you. We just got back from a conference of Age Management Medicine Specialists. We attend this conference every year. Doctors from around the world come to[...]

Watch out – All Testosterone Pellets are not the Same!

November 19, 2018
Testosterone pellets can be powder or micronized. What's the difference, and which is better? I was asked to sit on a panel of experts at the Age Management Medicine Conference and while I was answering questions, one of the experts[...]

Sexual Diseases or Disorders where a Female would see a Gynecologists

November 12, 2018
The nerves that produce orgasm are not as most men think just in the clitoris, but there are a variety of nerves that lead from the spinal cord to areas of pleasure. At BioBalance we treat sexual dysfunction in both[...]

Sex – Female Sexual Malfunctions

November 5, 2018
90% of Female Sexual Dysfunction is Due to Low Testosterone and or Low Estrogen. This week we are discussing what happens when women have sexual problems. In our society, women are messaged to believe that sexual issues are things that[...]

Causes of Obesity in America – Continued

October 29, 2018
The types of food you eat are more important than the volume of food. This week we are continuing our discussions regarding obesity in Europe and America. We will be focusing on the bad habits that people develop, either through[...]

Other Causes of Obesity in America

October 22, 2018
How many of your eating habits are repetitions of behavior, vs conscious decisions? This week we are continuing our discussions regarding obesity in Europe and America. We will be focusing on the bad habits that people develop, either through innate[...]

Science and Obesity and You

October 15, 2018
What science does and does not know about obesity. I believe that you have to find the cause or causes of the obesity and treat each issue.  There may be many issues that all need attention to conquer obesity in[...]

Obesity in America and Obesity in Europe

October 8, 2018
How does the eating habits in Spain, Italy, and Sicily compare to typical eating habits in America? We spent some weeks in Europe recently. We were in Spain, Italy, and Sicily. We observed that we rarely saw obese natives. The[...]