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Why are you getting belly fat?

July 26, 2021
No one escapes the aging process and the deposition of belly fat, without replacing testosterone. The most frequent question asked by my patients, both women and men, the first time they see me is, “Why is my belly getting bigger?[...]

FAQs: How Do Testosterone Pellets Affect Other Diseases and Conditions, and Vice Versa

July 19, 2021
Fear of the unknown may be the greatest threat to your current quality of life, and your future health. Do testosterone pellets cause breast cancer? No. Testosterone pellets improve the immune system function so you can fight all types of[...]

The questions people ask that have not tried testosterone or estrogen pellets.

July 12, 2021
Questions and concerns from people who are considering hormone replacement using pellets. Both men and women have questions about our testosterone and estradiol pellets.  I have compiled a group of the most important questions that patients ask before they have[...]

Our Most Frequent Questions about testosterone pellets for women

July 5, 2021
Female hormone replacement using testosterone pellets.   Most of the questions we at BioBalance Health® get about pellets come from our female patients.  This is partially because women are more interested in the way hormones work, and we have three[...]

Our Most Frequent Questions…about Uterine bleeding while on Estradiol Pellets

June 28, 2021
“I am post-Menopausal, so why do I have uterine bleeding?” Q: Why do I have to take Progesterone every night? Post-menopausal bleeding is one of the side effects of any estrogen replacement therapy, including estradiol pellets. We can prevent break-through[...]

Our Most Frequent Questions…about laboratory test

June 21, 2021
"Why do I need so many lab test at BioBalance Health?" Dr. Maupin answers this question and more. Q: Why do I need so many tests to replace my testosterone and or estradiol with pellets? We order these tests for[...]

Low Testosterone Found to Result in More Severe Covid Infections

June 14, 2021
Washington University study shows men who have low Testosterone levels are associated with severe Covid infections. Welcome to the BioBalance Healthcast, I’m Dr. Kathy Maupin and my partner Dr. Rachel Sullivan, joins me today to discuss a new research finding[...]

The Ugly Truth About Finasteride – The Post Finasteride Syndrome

June 7, 2021
The oral enzyme inhibitor Finasteride, is used to decrease hair loss and treat prostate enlargement. FINASTERIDE is a name of a medication that is commonly used in both dermatology and urology.  It is an oral enzyme inhibitor that is used[...]

Two New Weight Loss Drugs – Saxenda® and Ozempic®

May 31, 2021
Dr. Maupin discusses two weight loss drugs that can help you feel full. Saxenda®: is a GLP-1 agonist that normalizes blood sugar and causes decrease in appetite as well as slower emptying of the stomach and which makes people feel[...]

What Genetic Mutation Does 1/3 of America have? MTHFR! What is that?

May 24, 2021
MTHFR mutation, discovered by doing a Homocysteine blood level, could prevent infertility and strokes, pulmonary emboli, heart attacks. There is a silent and UNTREATED, UNTESTED mutation than affects 1/3 of Americans, that causes pulmonary emboli, heart attacks and strokes, and[...]