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Neo40 is a Nitric Oxide Inducer that can Improve Blood Flow to the Entire Body

May 17, 2021
Neo40 - A supplement removes plaque in your veins, helps prevent erectile disfunction, and improves blood flow to your entire body. Neo 40 Is a new supplement that was created by Dr. Edward Lee to stimulate the production of Nitric[...]

Hashimoto’s Disease – The What, Why, and How.

May 10, 2021
Hashimoto’s Disease is an autoimmune disease in which your own immune system attacks your thyroid gland. There are several types of Hypothyroidism, and Hashimoto’s Disease is one of the types I see quite often in private practice. Hashimoto’s Disease is[...]

Autoimmune Disease is one of the Top 10 Causes of Death in Women.

May 3, 2021
How replacing your testosterone can help treat autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease is one of the top 10 causes of death for women. The rate of growth of this group of diseases in women over the last 19 years is rapid. [...]

What to do when your doctor wants you to stop your hormone therapy.

April 26, 2021
The most likely cause of hair loss is low thyroid, followed closely by medications. I will give your PCP the benefit of the doubt that he or she doesn’t know anything about hormones, but that does not excuse him/her from[...]

What to say when your primary care doctor questions your use of Bio-Identical Hormones.

April 19, 2021
Pellets are mysterious to most doctors and drug reps, so they just tell patients they are “dangerous” or useless to scare patients from using them. Primary doctors who practice general medicine, generally don’t know anything about hormones and or worse[...]

What is your real age?

April 12, 2021
How do we measure your Health Age, and is this more important than your chronological age? If you always thought of your age as the number of years you have lived, you may realize that the number of years you[...]

Can Your Genetic Blueprint be Changed?

April 5, 2021
Our Genetic profile is a blueprint for our growth, development, health, talents, and esthetic looks. We all know that our genes and chromosomes are given to us at birth, are in each of our cells for our lifetime, and are[...]

The Roadblocks to Fat Loss – Losing Weight After 40

March 29, 2021
Today we will discuss the difference between fat loss and weight loss roadblocks. There are many roadblocks to fat loss for Americans and the list grows longer every day!  It is now wonder that we are an obese society with[...]

Weight Loss Secrets: Drinking Alcohol Counteracts Fat Loss

March 22, 2021
Drinking alcohol while you are attempting to lose weight will block fat loss and sabotage any diet plan! Introduction: For many years I have advised my patients to abstain from alcohol while they are working on losing fat and to[...]

OPUS Is the Two-In-One Facial and Body Rejuvenation Treatment that is REALLY new!

March 15, 2021
This one machine can do the job of several other lasers and RF machines in our office. Call today to schedule your OPUS appointment at BioBalance Skin - (314) 993-0963 Click here for more information on the OPUS laser.[...]