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The Four Types of Depression

July 16, 2018
Serotonin is a neurotransmitter chemical in the brain. There are many neurotransmitters, and serotonin is the one we recognize as primarily impacting depression in your brain and body. Anti-depressants called SSRI’s, when they came out, were miracle drugs. They replaced[...]

Women and Migraines

July 9, 2018
Understanding the differences between Migraines and Headaches, and how to treat them both. We have many patients who come to us with what they are calling migraine headaches. Often, we find that they are having headaches, but not what we[...]

Certain Estrogen Products can Increase Your Risk of Clotting

July 2, 2018
It is a well known fact that estrogen can “cause blood clots”, but is that always true? Blood clots are scary. You can die from them. This week we are speaking about the risks of blood clotting and what you[...]

Personalizing PSA screenings for Men

June 23, 2018
There are new standards regarding PSA screenings for men as they age. Men have been told for decades that if they live long enough they will all die from prostate cancer. After age 40 men were told that they should[...]

Pheromones Make the World go Around

June 18, 2018
Pheromones can make us feel sexually attracted to the right people. Pheromones are the chemicals that are secreted from the “sweat” glands of adults.  These undetectable odors are the scents that bring men and women, men and men or women[...]

Breast Cancer Risk Is Higher in Women with Low Muscle Mass and High Percent Body Fat

June 11, 2018
Since the threat of estrogen replacement has been put to rest, women are asking, "What are the real risks of breast cancer?". Several articles have come to the fore in the last few months that focus on the risk of[...]

The Biggest Risk of Estrogen Replacement is Uterine Bleeding

June 4, 2018
Dr. Maupin and Brett Explain Menopause, Estrogen, and Uterine Bleeding. Women who have gone through menopause and still have a uterus, experience the loss of estrogen. If they then decide to obtain estrogen replacement, they will begin to have bleeding[...]

Frequently Asked Questions by Women

May 28, 2018
Dr. Maupin and Brett address the concerns women have when pursuing hormone replacement therapy. This week we are taking an opportunity to discuss the most frequently asked questions from women who are considering Hormone Replacement Therapy from BioBalance Health. These[...]

Replacement of Testosterone Does More Than Treat Specific Symptoms

May 21, 2018
What does "Normal" really mean when looking at you blood test results? We often speak in terms of something being normal for men of our ages. Lab tests return results in terms of a comparison to “Normal”. What does this[...]

Estheticians and what they do at BioBalance Skin

May 14, 2018
Introducing Esthetician Dawn Miller who specializes in acne, brown spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes and forehead. We welcome Ms. Dawn Miller today to speak with us about her work as an esthetician at BioBalance Skin. She[...]