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What to do When Your Doctors Disagree

May 22, 2017
What to do when your family doctor has not helped you with your symptoms of menopause or low testosterone? What should you do when you go to your family doctor who has not helped you with your symptoms of menopause[...]

Birth Control Can Protect Women From Certain Cancers For Decades

May 16, 2017
New research shows taking oral birth control pills may reduce the risk of some cancers. A longitudinal study of forty years duration has just been released from the University of Aberdeen has provided us with the longest ongoing cohort study[...]

Neuroimaging and the news it brings for the treatment of depression

May 7, 2017
There are many different ways to treat depression including talk therapy and antidepressant drugs. Depression, especially what is called clinical depression is one of the most difficult illnesses to have. Many people who are clinically depressed find that their support[...]

The Cash Only Practice of Medicine

May 1, 2017
Some doctors are attempting to find ways to make a living and provide appropriate healthcare to their patients Doctors, while making up an important segment of the healthcare system in the United States, are not mass produced widgets. They are[...]

Why Some Doctors Only Take Cash

April 24, 2017
How do we as a country provide affordable healthcare for those in need? This week we discuss the topic of healthcare reform.  If one presumes that the goal of the healthcare system in the United States is, or ought to[...]

Brain Drain – New Research Shows How Your Brain Stays Healthy

April 15, 2017
How toxic protein waste is removed from your brain every day, and how regular sleep helps this process. An article in Scientific American, from March of 2016 provides amazing new research about how the brain works to keep itself healthy[...]

Case Study of a Menopausal Female Patient

April 10, 2017
Dr. Maupin discuses her treatment approach for a female menopausal patient. The patient is a 60 year old Caucasian female. She reports that she is having difficulty staying focused and multitasking. She is menopausal but still has her ovaries and[...]

Male Case Study – Continuation of Episode 333

April 3, 2017
Dr. Maupin and Brett explain the lab test required at BioBalance Health to become a hormone replacement patient. In this second Healthcast we review the fifteen lab tests that are standard for Dr. Maupin to obtain prior to treatment. She[...]

Male Case Study for Doctors and the General Public

March 27, 2017
Dr. Maupin's discusses her approach to Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy at BioBalance Health. Dr. Maupin and Brett Newcomb are taking the opportunity in this Healthcast to explain the diagnostic and troubleshooting steps that Dr. Maupin uses to evaluate patients to see[...]

Good News from the National Institute of Health about Testosterone Replacement

March 20, 2017
The benefits of testosterone replacement have been validated by the National Institute of Health. Like the Greek legend of Sisyphus, Dr. Maupin and I have been pushing the rock of Hormone Replacement up the hill of FDA resistance and the[...]