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Sexual Diseases or Disorders where a Female would see a Gynecologists

November 12, 2018
The nerves that produce orgasm are not as most men think just in the clitoris, but there are a variety of nerves that lead from the spinal cord to areas of pleasure. At BioBalance we treat sexual dysfunction in both[...]

Sex – Female Sexual Malfunctions

November 5, 2018
90% of Female Sexual Dysfunction is Due to Low Testosterone and or Low Estrogen. This week we are discussing what happens when women have sexual problems. In our society, women are messaged to believe that sexual issues are things that[...]

Causes of Obesity in America – Continued

October 29, 2018
The types of food you eat are more important than the volume of food. This week we are continuing our discussions regarding obesity in Europe and America. We will be focusing on the bad habits that people develop, either through[...]

Other Causes of Obesity in America

October 22, 2018
How many of your eating habits are repetitions of behavior, vs conscious decisions? This week we are continuing our discussions regarding obesity in Europe and America. We will be focusing on the bad habits that people develop, either through innate[...]

Science and Obesity and You

October 15, 2018
What science does and does not know about obesity. I believe that you have to find the cause or causes of the obesity and treat each issue.  There may be many issues that all need attention to conquer obesity in[...]

Obesity in America and Obesity in Europe

October 8, 2018
How does the eating habits in Spain, Italy, and Sicily compare to typical eating habits in America? We spent some weeks in Europe recently. We were in Spain, Italy, and Sicily. We observed that we rarely saw obese natives. The[...]

How Dr. Maupin Treats Thyroid Disease

October 1, 2018
Thyroid function is absolutely necessary to be well and age in a healthy manner. In the face of how mainstream medicine has set the system to NOT diagnose hypothyroidism, I am criticized daily for diagnosing hypothyroidism in my office for[...]

Why Most Doctors Get Thyroid Treatment Wrong

September 24, 2018
Why don’t all doctors take the same approach when diagnosing and treating thyroid issues? #1 Doctors Look at the Wrong Hormone to Determine Thyroid Activity Thyroid replacement is a difficult process primarily because doctors have been trained for decades to[...]

Skinny Fat – Are You Losing Your Mind?

September 17, 2018
Do you fear you will lose your capacity to think quickly, and to remember the facts that have been important to you personally and professionally? One of my greatest fears is that as I age I will lose my capacity[...]

Sarcopenic Obesity: What is it?

September 10, 2018
Your muscle structure will convert to fat unless you do something to enable your body to continue to make new muscle. Dr. Maupin’s office is dedicated to following current research in order to stay on the cutting edge of changes[...]