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Botox – Off Label use of Drugs by Physicians and the FDA

February 19, 2017
Botox, Like Testosterone is a truly amazing drug that is mostly used off label to cure problems that don't have a medical solution. “The off-label use of Botox, like that of any FDA approved drug, is legal in the United[...]

Nonverbal Communication as a way to Project Confidence, Competence, and Professionalism

February 13, 2017
Learning to use Non-Verbal ways to communicate. We will begin this week’s Healthcast with the reminder that one cannot - not communicate. (apologies to English teachers everywhere for the double negative). It is our observation that many people who could[...]

How to Become a Superager – Comments on an Article in the New York Times

February 7, 2017
Can we fight off the typical mental deterioration of aging? A recently published article discussing the idea of being able to fight off the typical mental deterioration of aging, caught our eye.  We will discuss the concepts presented in the[...]

Food Choices – A Netflix Documentary

January 30, 2017
Research continues to challenge our concepts about food, how it is manufactured, and how it is consumed. American culture has evolved into a society that, for the most part, is more and more removed from the immediacy of nature. We[...]

Thoughts on Changing the Healthcare System – Part 2

January 23, 2017
For a healthy medical system, we need to establish universal health care without the insurance companies, or reconstruct medical care and insurance by controlling the profits One of two health care systems is needed. 1) Establish universal health care without[...]

Thoughts on Changing the Healthcare System

January 16, 2017
The cost of medical training is an investment that may not provide you with a good return. As Congress and the Nation turn to a consideration of what to do about Obamacare, I am writing to offer several things for[...]

Hormonal Treatment for Transgender People

January 8, 2017
While in training Dr. Sullivan developed an interest in treating transgender patients. Our new Doctor at BioBalance health, Dr. Rachel Sullivan, is developing a specialty within her hormone replacement practice. As a BioBalance Health physician, she specializes in the replacement[...]

An Interview With Dr. Rachel Sullivan

January 3, 2017
Dr. Rachel Sullivan, a Family Medicine Physician, joins our BioBalance Health practice in Kansas City. We welcome Dr. Rachel Sullivan to our BioBalance Health practice in Kansas City. Dr. Sullivan is a Family Medicine Physician, licensed in three states, Texas,[...]

The Importance of Nicotinic Acid in Addictions

December 26, 2016
ADDICTIONS, HEART DISEASE, ANXIETY, ANOREXIA, SCHIZOPHRENIA AND ANGER DISORDERS CAN BE TREATED WITH SUPPLEMENT NEO 40 (B3=NICOTINIC ACID). Niacin=Vitamin B3=Nicotinic Acid There are multiple causes of the diseases and conditions listed above, but all of them can be improved by[...]

Toxic Masculinity and Cultural Change

December 17, 2016
Is gender identity culturally determined, can it be changed, and is gender identity synonymous with sexual identity? Gender identity is a focus of concern and study in America today. The questions being asked are:  are we born that way? Is[...]