Hair Loss and Hormones

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Nurse Practitioner Sandi talks about hair loss and hormones.

This week one of my nurse practitioner’s Sandi Redhage, who has been with BioBalance Health for almost 15 years, sat down to talk with Brett about hair loss and hormones.

Sandi is a very skilled Nurse Practitioner who has chosen to work with BioBalance Health. She spends time talking with Brett about what an NP is and how that is different from a registered nurse. Sandi explains how this difference enables her to do the things she does at BioBalance Health.

One of Sandi’s passions is her interest in healthy hair and women. Sandi describes how may women who begin to lose their hair come in for a consultation to see if hormone therapy would be helpful to them in fighting this condition. In discussing this idea with her patients, Sandi is able to help them distinguish the type of hair loss they are having, and to look at many of the potential causes.

Potential causes can be due to varying kinds of alopecia (hair loss), like thyroid imbalances, diet related issues, malnutrition, too much di-hydrotesterone, and loss of estrogen.

There are tests that we can run to help identify the specific problem causing the hair loss, and often we find that replacing hormones can solve these problems.

Throughout the conversation with Brett, Sandi makes the point that while hair is a passionate concern for her and she has great compassion for women who are losing their hair, her main goal, as is true for all of BioBalance Health, is to find the correct treatment for women who are having health issues. We look carefully at patient history, we do an intensive patient interview and discussion about quality of life issues and lifestyle choices, and we work with an extensive network of other specialists and physicians to help us diagnose and treat correctly and appropriately.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Sandi and hearing the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her work.

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