Clinical Training Program

become-biobalance-affiliateDr. Kathy Maupin, founder and Medical Director of BioBalance Health, and the author of The Secret Female Hormone, invites doctors and nurse practitioners to apply for the BioBalance Health Affiliate Program.

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Dr. Maupin works with both male and female patients, many of whom come to her from Europe, Australia, Canada and throughout the United States. Her practice reports a 95% satisfaction rate among her patients with the treatments they receive.

Dr. Maupin wants to share her knowledge and expertise with those like-minded physicians who want to be on the cutting edge of positive aging medicine. She has developed an affiliate training program, to be offered in St. Louis, Missouri in 2015 for doctors who want to become a BioBalance Health Affiliate.


Shadowing Drs. Maupin and Sullivan

We are excited to announce the beginning of an efficient one- on- one training new opportunity that will allow you to learn how to operate your own Bio-Identical Pellet Hormone Replacement Practice.

If you are curious about getting started with your own pellet based practice come and learn from the acknowledged experts who led the way in formatting a cash based practice that can be grafted onto your existing practice, or can be a model for creating a new and separate entity alongside your existing business.

Start a new practice or use your existing one to create an additional revenue stream of over $250,000 the first year for virtually no additional costs, beyond the initial cost of shadowing.

Come to St. Louis, Missouri for two days and shadow Doctors Maupin and Sullivan and their Nurse Practitioners to learn techniques of pellet insertion for men and women. Witness their interactions with new and follow up patients.

Dr. Maupin has been focusing on Age Management Medicine Techniques and Hormone Replacement with pellets for over fifteen years. She has written the seminal work for Testosterone Replacement in Women (The Secret Female Hormone) and she has produced and published over a years worth of healthcasts available for free on YouTube.   Spend time with Dr. Kathy Maupin and Dr. Rachael Sullivan.  Remember, shadowing and participating in care are the best methods for learning in medicine

Included in the one -on -one shadowing opportunity will be a business dinner following an interview format providing you with a chance to ask questions about what you have observed during your shadowing experience.

The Cost for this two- day, one-on-one shadowing is $3,000.00.  There are no hidden costs, no hidden fees, and no continuing entanglements. Learn and earn, run your business the way you want to. Grow your own pellet- based practice as an independent entrepreneur. There are no binding commitments; you can learn all you need to know to begin your own pellet-based practice immediately.



Brett Newcomb
Associate Director of Affiliate Development
Phone: (314) 348-6739