Male Patient Testimonials

Testimonials from some of Dr. Maupin’s Male Bioidentical Testosterone Pellet Patients

Dan Stretch, age 61:

“I am 61 years old, in good health with a very physical job which keeps me active all day. I am diabetic and 15 lbs. overweight. My absolutely wonderful wife and I have been married for 35 years.

Even though she has been an RN for 35 years, I have always been uncomfortable with anything or anyone in the medical profession. Go figure. When I go to the doctor, my BP will spike to 190/98 — yes, it does!

When I turned 60, I simply ran out of gas with every aspect of my life. Work was harder to accomplish and there was no energy for anything including a quality, meaningful relationship with my wife. I knew something was wrong but just thought it was normal aging and nothing could be done.

My wife has been on the BioBalance program for three years. This system has immensely improved her quality of life. Our marriage and my life has been tremendously enhanced due to her treatments. By not seeking treatment, I was not being fair to my wife, who had worked so hard to come back from some very bad side effects of menopause to now desire a real relationship with me. I was not being fair to myself either. I was willing to let my discomfort with doctors and exams stand in the way of enjoying life again.

With my wife’s encouragement, I had my blood tested and we saw Dr. Maupin. She was great. She explained what was wrong in language I could understand and appreciate. She was kind, understanding and supportive that this process I was undertaking would help in several areas which I needed improved. All of her assistants have been no less than wonderful.

It is also great that there have been no side effects of any kind for my wife or myself. The process is simple and takes very little time. It has made such a huge difference in both of our lives.

I have been receiving pellets for ten months. For the first time in 20 years, I am losing weight (33 lbs — only 15 more to go!). Not only do I enjoy work again but I am having more fun with my wife than ever in all the years of our marriage. All of this because I trusted in Dr. Maupin and her process. Even my personal doctor has seen a difference in my health. He was going to increase my diabetic medication but now is talking about decreasing it as my blood sugar has finally dropped to where it should be.

So guys, swallow your pride and put away your fears and jump in, you and your mate will most assuredly enjoy the ride.”


“I am only 49, but my energy was gone and my knees were so bad that I could not exercise anymore. I tried everything I know, but nothing made me “better” until I was evaluated and treated by Dr. Maupin with BioBalance Health Bioidentical Testosterone pellets.”

D.D. age 55

“I have been evaluated by many other doctors and told that I was “normal” because my Testosterone level was normal for my age. Dr. Maupin looked at the level and said it was below “healthy normal.” She did other tests and found I needed a combination of Testosterone and an oral medication. Now I am back to normal in every way. I couldn’t be happier!”

N.G. age 60

“My wife was right. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I was treated with Testosterone pellets. My marriage is back on track, and I feel great!”

B.A. age 45

“My doctor was great at fixing disease, but BioBalance Health brought me back to health. I am mentally, and physically healthy now.”