Low Testosterone in Men

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Pellets for Men with Low Testosterone

Get your mojo back, and hit the ball another 1000 yards with BioBalance testosterone pellet replacement.

Listen to Dr. Maupin talk about low testosterone in men on the Dave Glover Show.

Men, you can’t avoid it. Although it happens later than menopause in women, andropause (male menopause) is an inevitability and is caused by low testosterone. And unfortunately for most men, the irritability, shrinking muscle mass, loss of stamina, erectile dysfunction and low sex drive also was inevitable – until now with bioidentical hormone replacement pellets for men with low testosterone.

BioBalance bioidentical hormone pellets delivers just the right amount of testosterone, the hormone that disappears as you move through andropause. By implanting tiny rice-sized pellets just under the skin of your hip two to four times a year, the pellets release testosterone as you need it directly into your bloodstream, making this delivery method far more effective than patches, creams, injections or pills. After implanting the pellets, Dr. Maupin carefully monitors patients to ensure the testosterone safely metabolizes to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), thereby reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate.

Once implanted, the results are almost immediate. Men consistently report having more energy, increased mental clarity, a reduction in depression and anxiety, and a satisfyingly high sex drive after having the hormone pellets implanted. Don’t let the aging process rob you of a productive, fulfilling life – renew your passion for life with BioBalance Health.

What makes BioBalance Health different?

BioBalance Health is unique in St. Louis for bioidentical hormone replacement because we have more experience than anyone else, we offer a unique, ultimate replacement that works 100% better than other bioidenticals, and we are local—the others are chains.