Supplements: The Balance in BioBalance

Let’s face it – no one’s diet is perfect. That’s why supplements are a vital part of BioBalance Health and the perfect complement to bioidentical hormone pellets. BioBalance founder Dr. Kathy Maupin believes that the best marriage of a healthy life is to use the most natural medicines available and complement the needed medications with a balanced diet augmented by supplements. Not only has that combination worked in her post-menopausal life, but she’s also seen it work for thousands of her patients.

To counteract belly fat and reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and breast cancer, Dr. Maupin recommends DIM, or Di-Indole-Methane. Derived from broccoli and cauliflower, prescription-strength BioBalance DIM lowers estrone – the estrogen found in older women that causes breast cancer, belly fat and heart disease. DIM works quickly and effectively to counter the effects of estrone and help women feel and look better.

Another vital supplement is daily B12. Usually obtained by eating meat, B12 becomes harder to absorb as we age, and it is even more difficult for vegetarians to maintain an adequate level of B12. BioBalance B12 is made in dissolvable tablet form and replaces this essential nutrient that in turn reduces the effects of pernicious anemia, neurological function problems or generalized aches and pains.

Additionally, Dr. Maupin recommends that patients check for heavy metals and nutritional abnormalities in their bodies through hair analysis. A small hair sample analyzed in a lab will reveal the supplements that are missing as well as any heavy metals that are prevalent in the system. By tailoring a six-month supplement regimen based on the hair analysis, patients can achieve dramatic results, feeling and looking better almost immediately without stressing the body.

Frequently Asked Questions about Supplements

Are supplements required if I take hormone pellets?

It isn’t a requirement, but combining both is highly recommended by Dr. Maupin for certain patients.

A liquid nutritional supplement called Vemma is suggested for specific medical conditions and inadequate diets. DIM is needed when there is a lot of Estrone (“old-lady estrogen”), and testosterone pellets are not suppressing all of the Estrone production. Estrone causes belly fat, mental confusion, breast tenderness and enlargement in both sexes and swelling. DIM is also excellent for increasing weight loss. Physician formula DIM is carried in the office for $22.50 for one month’s supply. Adrenal Formula is a natural product that modulates the activity of the adrenal gland. Adrenal formula prevents surges of cortisol that cause weight gain and swelling.

I thought estrogen was good for women. Why do you want to lower estrogen?
DIM is a supplement made of cauliflower and broccoli, that suppresses the production of a bad version of estrogen called Estrone. The estrogen that is beneficial to women is Estradiol and is the hormone of youth. Since Estrone can cause a whole host of problems, including serious issues such as breast cancer and heart disease, reducing Estrone naturally with DIM can result in significantly better long-term health.

Why does BioBalance recommend using the B12 that dissolves under the tongue?
When B12 is deficient, it is generally found on Biobalance Pre-Pellet Lab. With age we stop absorbing B12. It is an essential vitamin for neurologic function and since it is not absorbed in the stomach B12 is best given as a sub-lingual tab (one absorbed under the tongue) daily or as a shot, monthly. Most BioBalance patients believe that it is less complicated using this easy, dissolvable B12.