Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Therapy Testimonial Videos

Sandi Redhage has been a Nurse Practitioner working in Dr. Maupin’s St. Louis office for over 12 years. This interview began with Sandi describing her parent’s situation with aging. Five years ago, her mother was 79 years old and suffering from chronic headaches, fatigue, depression and other symptoms of aging. She started her bioidentical pellets treatments at that time and now, five years later, she says she feels better than she did at age 40. Her dad, two-and-a-half years ago, was confined to a wheelchair. But since going on pellets, he’s now walking the dog without aid of any kind. Sandi also describes the transformation she’s seen in her own health as a result of pellet therapy, as well as the benefits of the pixel and IPL laser skin treatments she receives at BioBalance Health.

BioBalance Health patient Dana Pluth talks about her experience with bioidentical hormone pellets
Bioidentical hormone pellet patient Dana Pluth of St. Louis suffered severe migraine headaches. Her physician had prescribed daily medication sinus problems, which didn’t stop the migraines. Since beginning bioidentical hormone treatments, Dana has not had another migraine headache. Low sex drive was also a problem caused by the low testosterone levels. Within six weeks following her first pellet insertion she noticed what she described as, “The flowers are blooming again.”

Bioidentical hormone treatments improved Pam Hunter's quality of life.
“You never know how badly you felt until you feel this good.” Pam Hunter, a St. Louis resident, describes her life before bioidentical hormone pellets like this, “I certainly didn’t feel like myself. I was tired, I would come home from work and not want to do anything. I didn’t have any energy at all. I just wasn’t myself, I felt old.”And since getting her hormones balances, “Oh my gosh! The transformation is amazing. I was expecting to feel a little better, but what I got was so much more. I got my life back. I was happy, I was energetic, I felt young, which means I acted young. My libido, well, let’s just say it isn’t low. And the skin tone and dryness… All of those problems, no more hot flashes. I can’t even remember the last time I had one of those.”

Rhonda Tipton-Swisher is a Breast Cancer survivor who took Bioidentical Hormones
Rhonda Tipton-Swisher, a St. Louis resident, was diagnosed with receptor-negative breast cancer and then told to expect menopause shortly after her chemotherapy treatments began. Indeed, Rhonda says that did occur about halfway through chemotherapy and states that the strongest symptom was hot flashes, which she described as intense and frequent. Rhonda also suffered intense bone and muscle pain from fibromyalgia, which was being treated by another doctor for more than a year with narcotic pain relievers. Rhonda was astounded that within three months she was able to stop using the pain medication, have her libido restored, and has “gotten her life back.”

BioBalance Health Nurse Susie Ahrens on Breast Cancer and Bioidentical Hormones
Nurse Susie Ahrens has been with Dr. Maupin longer than any of her other employees. In this interview, Susie and Dr. Maupin talk about treating breast cancer patients with BioBalance bioidentical hormone pellets. They also discuss other menopause symtoms positively impacted by pellet treatments. The interview concludes with a description of the skin care and laser treatments BioBalance provides.

Gloria Reilly Pellet Patient
Before Gloria Reilly began treatment under Dr. Maupin, she suffered many sleepless night, irritability, hot flashes, general discomfort—she just wasn’t herself. Her treatment began with bioidentical sublinguals and creams for about a year. She received some but not complete relief. Within two weeks after her first pellet insertion she started to feel relief, hot flashes subsided somewhat, she had more energy, and got her balance back. In a little over a month she felt like she did before she entered menopause.

Diana Vasquez Pellet Patient
Before Diana Vasquez began her bioidentical hormone treatment she suffered migrane headaches, fibromyalgia and pain. She had anxiety, insomnia, was fatigued and had a low libido—she was miserable. The transformation she went through was amazing. Her weight began to go down, her skin started to improve, she has energy, sex drive, and leads a more active and complete life. The appearance of her skin improved and anxiety attacks went away.

Libby, Emily and Katherine talk about BioBalance Skin Care products
Dr. Maupin talks with Libby, Emily and Katherine, her youngest patients who use BioBalance botanical skin care products. Libby gets great results from Revitalizing Eye Gel with Vitamin K for dark circles under her eyes. Emily uses the Blemished Skin Toner and Drying Lotion to treat her oily skin. Katherine uses the Foaming Face Wash, Featherlinght Moisturizer and Pink Grapefruit Toner. All three use the Clairsonic Cleansers.

Arlene and Erin, mother and daughter, talk about BioBalance Pellets Skin Care products
Arlene and Erin are mother and daughter. They are also bioidentical hormone pellet patients as well as users BioBalance botanical Skin Care products. Arelene, after she had a total hysterectomy, searched 15 years for relief from dropping sexual desire, hot flashes, dry skin, mood issues and more. After beginning her pellet treatments, her life turned around. She started feeling noticeably better during the first two weeks, and after six weeks she says her life was back to normal. Erin had problems with memory loss, lack of energy, insomnia, and migraines. After pellets, she no longer suffers with the symptoms she had, plus she’s gained significant muscle tone.

In this video, Sarah and Dr. Maupin talk about pixel skin resurfacing for treatment of acne scars
Sarah is a user of our skin care products, hormone pellets, and skin rejuvenation therapy. She’s always been self-conscious about the acne scars on her cheeks. Two pixel laser treatments made a huge difference in her appearance. She reports that the discomfort related to the treatment is minimal and healing is fast. BioBalance’s Revitalizing Eye Gel and Enzyme mask helps speed the healing process. She loves the BioBalance Collegen Cream because it feeds the skin, and keeps it from drying out. Fatigue was Sarah’s most serious symptom before she began her bioidentical hormone pellet therapy. Now she has considerably more energy.